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Bar Screen

The  MULTI RAKED BAR SCREEN is the ideal machine for the pre-treatment of the waste water. It represent the best solution as a first step in a forefront depuration plant. The Screen consist of a Stainless Steel frame, developed for a “in channel” installation with 75° inclination. The filtration zone, placed in the bottom part, is made by equidistant stainless steel bars. The coarse waste present in the waste water, are blocked by the bars of the filtering zone and accumulate in the bottom of the frame until, the consequent increase of water level, active the cleaning system through rakes. The rakes are developed to fit perfectly with the filtration bar spacing and they are connected to a transmission chain moved by the gear motor placed on the top of the machine. When the gear motor start working, the rakes take the coarse waste from the bottom of channel and carries these until the discharge placed on the top.